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Restraining Orders Protective Orders

If a family member has called the police alleging domestic abuse or harassment, or if the police were called to your home to investigate a domestic violence complaint, you may be arrested on the spot. In addition, it is likely that a temporary restraining order will be filed against you.
Restraining orders and protective orders can be burdensome and can negatively impact your relationship with your family. If you have been arrested or issued a restraining order, it is important to move quickly to hire an experienced attorney. Contact the Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer Jr. for help in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is typically filed at the onset of a domestic violence case. It is a temporary order that only lasts until the protective order hearing. Restraining orders typically are valid for ten days.

Protective Orders

Protective Orders are much more constricting than restraining orders. Therefore, you have a right to confront the accuser in a hearing to contest the allegations before a protective order will be filed. A protective order may be granted by the judge for a period of six months to eighteen months. In this time, if you make any contact in violation of the protective order, you will face additional criminal charges and potential jail time. Violation of a protective order is taken very seriously. In addition, protective orders are filed with the federal government and are a matter of public record.
Protective orders can severely impact your relationship with your family. You may be incapable of contacting your spouse (or significant other) or spending any time with your children. Therefore, it is critical to have an experienced attorney who will aggressively fight to avoid the protective order.
I use my experience as a criminal defense lawyer to show the judge that the allegations were unwarranted. I present favorable witnesses on your behalf to express the demeanor of the accuser as well as to convey that you are not a violent person. In addition, I reveal prior false accusations that may have been made by the accuser.

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If you have been cited for domestic violence and have been issued a restraining order, contact me right away. I will go to work immediately protecting your rights and preparing a strong defense.