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Multiple DUI Offenses

Your first DUI/DWI arrest is frightening. A second or felony DUI/DWI can be devastating. With serious penalties on the line, you need serious DWI/DUI defense to protect your freedom, your license and your livelihood.
That is exactly what I offer you. I am criminal defense attorney Ernest Bauer. I can't promise that I will get your charges dropped, but I can promise that I will do everything I can to try. I will provide you with the most aggressive, skillful and effective defense I can possibly give you.
Contact me now if you have been charged with repeat DUI. I offer a free consultation in your home or at the jail and often arrange payment terms to help you pay for your defense.

I keep my cell phone on 24 hours a day for client emergencies. Call 504-610-5645.  Louisiana repeat DWI penalties are serious.

If you have been convicted of DUI/DWI in the last ten years, you now face penalties that are increasingly more serious:
  • Second DUI/DWI offense within ten years - up to:
    $1,000 fine, six months jail, thirty days community service, counseling, 1 year suspended driver's license
  • Third DUI/DWI offense within ten years - up to:
    Felony DUI, $2000 fine, five years prison, community service, vehicle seizure, 1 year suspended driver's license
  • Fourth DUI/DWI offense within ten years - up to:
    Felony DUI, $5000 fine, thirty years prison, vehicle seizure, 2 years suspended driver's license
The penalties for operating a vehicle while intoxicated also vary depending on the amount of alcohol in your blood. A third DUI arrest or fourth DUI arrest can lead to a felony conviction and the label, "habitual offender."

I Will Aggressively Fight Your Repeat DUI/DWI Charges

You don't need to just accept the penalties. As your criminal defense lawyer, I will fight hard to get your charges dropped or reduced to a first offense DUI/DWI or traffic offense.
I will question police actions during your arrest. Did they have probable cause to pull you over and arrest you? Were you read your Miranda rights? I will also question their evidence. Was it collected legally? Was the DUI breathalyzer working? Was the roadside sobriety test performed right?
Contact my criminal law office as soon as possible after you or someone you love has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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