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Adoption Lawyer Covington LA - Family Law Attorney - Law Office of Ernest J Bauer Jr - 185510636Adoption allows you to legally add a new member to your family. Whether you want to add a child to your family for practical reasons or because it is necessary to ensure the safety of the child, I can help. At The Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer, Jr., I help grandparents, stepparents and all prospective parents bring new members into their families so they can provide these children with the loving homes they deserve.
As a Covington adoption attorney serving the North Shore area, I am familiar with all state and local regulations that can impact an adoption. I also have an in-depth understanding of family law in Louisiana, which I have accumulated through my more than 10 years of practicing law. I use all of this knowledge to make the adoption process move along as efficiently as possible so you can prepare for the arrival of your child instead of focusing on the legal aspects of adoption procedures.

Step-parent Adoptions

One of the most prevalent forms of adoptions involves stepparents. When a child's parent remarries and the new spouse is helping to raise the child, the new spouse may want to adopt the child. This is accomplished in one of two ways:
  1. By consent of the biological parent: The child's other biological parent can give consent for the stepparent to adopt the child.
  2. Termination of parental rights: If the biological parent has not been in the child's life for a significant amount of time, the child's other parent and stepparent can request a termination of parental rights. If this is granted, then the stepparent is free to adopt the child. It is vital to have the assistance of an experienced adoption attorney so you can understand all of the factors the court considers and keep the adoption process moving.
For stepparent adoptions and all other forms of adoption, I stand by your side through the whole process. I serve as a trusted guide the entire way, from filing initial applications to being there for you on the day you bring your child home.

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