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Community Property

Community Property Attorney Covington LA - Asset Division Lawyer, Family Law - Law Office of Ernest J Bauer Jr - 78432479Louisiana is a community property state. This means all assets and debts that have been accumulated during a marriage will be split 50/50 in the event of a divorce. Despite this seemingly clear cut approach to property division, disputes between spouses often occur and require assistance from a skilled lawyer.
I am Ernest Bauer, a Louisiana attorney dedicated to helping those in St. Tammany Parish and surrounding areas with difficult legal problems. With more than 10 years of legal experience, I am prepared to assist you with even the most complex community property concerns. I will work with you to ensure all assets and debts are accounted for and that community property division is completed as fairly and efficiently as possible.

For help with your community property concerns, call me at 504-610-5645. I return all messages promptly.

St. Tammany Parish Asset Division Attorney

During a divorce, assets are divided equally regardless of each spouse's income level or whether one spouse doesn't work outside of the home. All assets and debts are taken into account, although exceptions to it exist. These include:
  • Assets acquired before marriage that are kept separate such as bank accounts, real estate or a business
  • Gifts and inheritances that are acquired during the marriage, provided they are kept separate from the shared assets
As your attorney, I will fight for your fair share of assets accumulated during the marriage, and to protect any separate assets you may have. I will provide straightforward and honest advice throughout the asset division process, and am easily accessible any time to address your questions and concerns.

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