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Restraining Order Attorney Covington LA - Orders Of Protection Lawyer, Family Law - Law Office of Ernest J Bauer Jr - 147436866Whether seeking a restraining order or contesting the validity of an order leveled against you, an experienced family law attorney can help you protect your interests. At The Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer, Jr., I help clients petition the court to obtain valid protective orders that grant them safety and give them peace of mind. I also assist those who are unfairly targeted by these orders in standing up for their rights. My extensive experience on both sides of restraining order disputes has granted me insight into the restraining order process that I use to the benefit of all my clients.
As a Covington restraining order attorney who has been practicing law for more than a decade, I understand exactly what clients need when dealing with these difficult matters. I know that a protective order may have harsh ramifications for your family, so I do everything I can to make the emotionally charged process of applying for or contesting these orders as stress-free as possible.

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Restraining Orders In Louisiana

In Louisiana, protection orders take on many forms, depending on the specific situation and the protective mechanisms that a particular court prefers. The most common types of orders include:
  • Temporary restraining orders (TROs): These orders grant protection before a court hearing, so the person applying for protection feels safe until the matter can be resolved in the courtroom.
  • Protective orders: These orders grant protection after a court hearing in situations outlined by the state's Protection from Dating Violence Act, Domestic Abuse Assistance Act, and Children's Code Domestic Abuse Assistance Act.
  • Injunctions against abuse: Injunctions serve a similar function to protective orders, and they prevent contact under certain sections of Louisiana law or during a divorce. Injunctions are classified as preliminary, issued before a hearing, and permanent, issued at the end of a trial.
In addition to representing both plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving restraining orders of all types in civil court, I also represent defendants in protective order hearings in criminal matters.

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