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Spousal Support Attorney Covington LA - Alimony Attorney, Family Law - Law Office of Ernest J Bauer Jr - 177320791When a marriage ends in Louisiana, the spouse who earned more or was the family's primary source of income may have to make support payments to the other spouse. These spousal support payments, often referred to as alimony, are based on one spouse's ability to make payments and the other spouse's financial need.

A Client-Focused Attorney Protecting Your Interests

Whether you are paying or receiving alimony, you want to be sure that the amount of the payments is fair and accurately reflects your financial situation. At The Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer, Jr., I offer clients custom-tailored representation designed to make sure that they do not pay more or receive less support than they should. With more than 10 years of legal experience as a Covington spousal support attorney, I have the knowledge and practical family law skills to help you resolve support matters as fairly as possible.

Types Of Spousal Support

The spousal support process in Louisiana is exceedingly complex, and payment obligations vary based on individual circumstances. However, there are guidelines that the court will look at to set payment related to:
  • Interim support: This type of support exists while the divorce is in process, and it is used to maintain the standard of living that the spouses had during the marriage. This can last up to six months after the divorce is finalized.
  • Final support: If the court finds it necessary, it may award final support payments that begin once the final divorce decree is issued. Claims for this type of support must be made within three years of the final divorce decree. Fault on the part of the receiving spouse can affect eligibility for final support.
  • Reimbursement for contributions to education and training: If the contributions of one spouse increased the other spouse's earning power, the contributing spouse may seek reimbursement.
If your circumstances or those of your former spouse change, I am equipped to help you obtain a modification to the spousal support order and ensure that the amount you pay or receive is fair.

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