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Covington Federal Crime Lawyer

Covington Criminal Defense Attorney

Ernest J Bauer Jr Law Office LLC can help you navigate the criminal process and protect your rights. It is possible to stop the investigation before charges are filed by early intervention. We care about your future and will fight for it more than anyone else.

Federal offenses are crimes that federal prosecutors prosecute at the federal level. These criminal legal offenses can be complex and carry severe punishments such as mandatory minimum sentencing in prison or higher fines. Federal crime investigations can take up to a year or more as law enforcement officers gather evidence and compile it. If you are under federal criminal investigation or have been arrested for federal crimes, you should contact our Covington federal criminal defense lawyer immediately.

The 504) 610-5645 represents all federal crimes, including:

1) White collar crimes
2) Drug trafficking
4) Infractions involving Weapons
5) Fraud
6) Public corruption
7) Identity theft
8) Hate crimes
9) Money laundering
10) Child pornography

We would love to hear from you during a consultation. Call us at (504) 610-5645 right now. Penalties associated with drug possession convictions.

Are you under investigation by the FBI, DEA, or another Federal Agency?

If you find yourself the subject of a federal investigation, be sure to know your rights. Federal agents might have been following your movements for some time or may have approached you to question you. You should consult an attorney near me for Covington, LA if you have any questions.

1) You should cooperate if federal agents arrive at your home with a warrant. Keep track of the way they conduct your investigation during the search and notify your attorney. Any evidence obtained by law enforcement officers must be followed strictly or it could be dismissed by the judge.

2) Federal agents may arrive at your house without a warrant. You are not obliged to consent or invite them into your home. You can respectfully decline to consent and inform your attorney about what’s happening.

You can even play on the playing field with a fierce advocate

Federal prosecutors and law enforcement agencies often have a lot of resources to convict you. Our Covington federal criminal defense attorneys have the experience, tenacity, and legal savvy necessary to level the playing field. An award-winning, battle-tested litigator leads us. He has successfully tackled some of the most difficult federal offenses. We don’t hesitate to challenge federal prosecutors in court and off.

Experience is important. Turn to Ernest J Bauer Jr Law Office LLC

While we understand the fear of being charged with a federal crime, there are other things that can be more terrifying than being accused. An arrest is not a conviction. There is still time to build the strongest case possible to protect and secure your future. If the stakes are high, you should trust a seasoned defense attorney to fight for your best interests.


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