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Alternatives to Prison

I Focus on Prison Alternatives: Treatment, not Punishment

In my experience, chemical dependency is one of the leading causes of crime in the St. Tammany Parish and surrounding Parishes. In many cases, if my client had not been addicted to drugs, dependent on alcohol or reliant on some other substance, the crime likely would not have been committed. When this is the case, I often feel that punishment through jail time, community service or fines will not keep them from committing crime again in the future. I believe that successful drug treatment or rehab is the answer to successfully preventing most people from committing future crimes.

When crime is dependent on drugs or alcohol, the underlying problem should be considered. I am here to help you get treatment and work on creating a strong defense so that your future can be preserved.

Criminal Activity and Chemical Dependency

For some clients, crime is a method to fund the dependency. Selling drugs or stealing are usually methods to fund your habit. On the other hand, criminal activity, such as robbery, theft or assault may have been committed simply because you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs and felt invincible. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I know the importance of getting involved in the case right away to see if there are alternatives to jail or prison. I believe it is important to focus on treatment rather than punishment.

Diversion / Drug Court Programs for Repeat Offenders

While cases vary due to the discretion judges have in sentencing, most repeat offenders are eligible for some form of diversion/drug court program. I negotiate with prosecutors to keep the case out of court. My client would proceed into a drug court treatment program or alcohol treatment program as an alternative to prison or jail. While these diversion programs are run by probation and parole, they are ultimately overseen by the district judges.

Stay out of Jail and Protect Your Criminal Record

If you successfully complete the diversion/drug court program, it is often possible to expunge your criminal record. Therefore, to protect your record and protect your future, it is essential to contact my office to discuss your case and start preparing your defense. There are alternatives to prison and to a criminal conviction.

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