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Theft Crimes

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor for snack bar embezzlement or a felony for car theft or identity theft fraud, I will work hard to keep you out of jail. I have been providing quality theft defense for people charged with theft crimes for more than ten years.

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If you or a family member needs a skillful theft defense attorney, contact my office right away. I will thoroughly investigate the charges to determine whether the police had probable cause for search and seizure of evidence, or violated any of your civil rights. If I discover that the prosecutor has a lack of legal evidence to convict you in court, I file the right motion to have your charges dismissed. If the district attorney won't drop the charges, my objective is to do whatever I can to have your charges and penalties reduced to keep you out of jail.

  • Auto theft
  • Employee theft
  • Laptop theft
  • Credit card identity theft
  • Check forgery
  • Shoplifting
  • Armed robbery

In cases of theft, l use my experience and knowledge to help you get the best outcome possible for your charges. I am even willing to fight for your innocence in a trial.

Theft Related to Drug Addiction

In my experience, drug use and chemical dependency is the underlying cause of many thefts. If you have a drug abuse problem, and have been charged with a theft crime, I will fight to have you assigned to a chemical dependency treatment program, instead of time in prison.

Contact me to discuss your theft defense needs right away. I will meet with you anywhere, including in jail.

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