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ernest bauer law slider two Defending the Accused Over 30 Years Work with an Extensively Experienced Covington Defense Attorney Click to Call Click to Email ernest bauer law slider two A RECORD OF EXCELLENCE My representation consists of prioritizing your legal needs, being responsive, and remaining accessible when you need me most. I and my former clientele can proudly attest to the fact that in the entirety of my career, I have consistently provided efficient and exemplary services to my clients. Click to Call Click to Email ernest bauer law slider two FREE CONSULTATIONS 24/7 To discuss your options and work towards finding the best solution for your legal issues, contact the Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer, Jr., L.L.C. today. The initial consultation is free of charge. Click to Call Click to Email

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    Experienced Defense Attorney

    With nearly twenty years of trial experience, attorney Ernest J. Bauer, Jr. has acquired the tools to devise
    an individually tailored and effective strategy to achieve a favorable outcome in court.

    drug and marijuana charges

    Louisiana’s notoriously stringent drug laws can expose persons charged with drug crimes to very harsh penalties…

    dwidui defense

    Facing a DUI charge can make you feel like your situation’s hopeless, but it does not have to be with the help of a skilled…

    burglary and theft crimes

    For nearly twenty years, Ernest J. Bauer, Jr. has successfully defended the rights of persons who have been charged with…

    domestic violence

    When charged with any domestic violence crime in Louisiana, you face prison time and other lasting consequences. Contact our team for free consultations…

    sex crimes

    Allegations of sex crimes are damaging and stigmatizing even before trial begins. An aggressive defense is needed immediately. Call Ernest Bauer for free consultation.

    probation parole violations

    Probation and parole violations can extend your probation period, impose additional probation terms, or send you to prison. Call Ernest Bauer for free consultation.


    Expungements are a means for persons who have been convicted of certain crimes to effectively erase their criminal records.

    traffic violations

    The mismanagement of traffic tickets can lead to unexpected and dire consequences. Don’t assume all traffic violations are harmless.

    federal cases

    The Federal criminal process is quite different from the state’s criminal process. You should know what to expect if charged with a federal crime.


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    Legal Representation in Litigation Cases

    Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, child and spouse maintenance.



    If you are charged with a crime, contact The Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer Jr., as soon as possible. Getting me involved in your case as early as possible will allow me to do everything necessary to build a strong case on your behalf. I have dedicated my practice to helping people through difficult legal matters involving criminal defense. I take the time to understand what you are going through and will work one-on-one with you throughout your case to find the best possible solutions. At all times, I focus my representation on your needs and your goals. For a free initial phone consultation with an experienced Louisiana attorney, call me today at 504-610-5645.



    After being charged with a crime, you need to know that your lawyer is ready to help you with the best defense possible, right here and right now. As a Covington criminal defense attorney with nearly twenty years of legal experience, I aggressively pursue all possible legal theories that reduce or eliminate the impact that criminal allegations have on you and your family. I am a different kind of criminal defense attorney; I focus my representation on your goals and am always available when you need me most. I will take the time to come to the jail or your home to meet with you and your family. I know that you need answers now, not next week.

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    I would recommend this law firm to any one . Mr.Bauer helped my family and I for many years Truly Thankful !! God Bless you All !!Chanelle Price
    5 STAR ATTORNEY CAN'T EXPRESS IN WORDS HOW GREAT THIS ATTORNEY DID FOR ME Im never the type to leave reviews but when it comes to one of the biggest decisions someone may have to make, it be very stressful. He eases this process and I recommend him without a doubt.Adam Giroir
    Mr. Bauer is definitely the best attorney in the St. Tammany area. First of all he's very understanding and flexible with finicial situations. Secondly you can tell just from interacting with him that he's genuinely kind and cares about getting what's best for his clients, unlike other attorneys who look for the easiest route possible while taking your money. Lastly he's very punctual and is always quick to respond to phone calls and questions. If you want proper representation then I would very much recommend Mr. Bauer.Dakota Drake
    Ernest J Bauer gave me a wonderful experience as a lawyer helping regular people like you and me! He is awesome to work with and very considerable of how you can make payments to him as a lawyer fee still having to deal with your regular bills in life. He was very comforting to know that he was in my corner and very informative of the process to me step by step all the way to the very end of my court case! There is no other lawyer that I would have thank the Lord for finding him to defend me in court. Ernest is one of the most professional lawyer I have ever had the privilege to know in a bad time. I would highly recommend that if you had a reason for a lawyer it would be the best money you ever spent for your defense! For the circumstances that I was in I came out with his help in an unbelievable verdict for my case. As soon as you talk to him you will feel comfortable knowing the way he presents himself he really is honest to you about your case and is going to do his best to get the best outcome in court for you. Thank you earnest for helping me!James Garcia
    Ernest Bauer is by far one of the best attorneys in St. Tammany Parish. Not only is he professional, but he is someone who genuinely cares for his clients. He is very responsive and will get back with you in a timely manner for whatever you need. He will give you honest advice on what choices you need to make in order for the best outcome for yourself. He won’t just tell you what you want to hear and he is a person who is actually honest in his career. He is worth every penny. I would recommend Ernest to anyone in need of a great lawyer.Amanda Foster
    Last year, I was at the lowest point in my life-I was lost and needed help in navigating this whole legal process I was facing. I was having a whole host of concerns that had me feeling extremely anxious, afraid, and defeated, knowing that I was facing the unknown and facing consequences that could potentially change my entire life. When I met Ernie, I was terrified and panicking. Ernie was so compassionate and patient with me and he didn't make me feel like just another client, he made me feel like his friend. We exchanged information about my case, and were able to quickly build rapport and trust. He was sympathetic when discussing my fears associated with criminal charges and the consequences that were pending against me. He took time to understand my current situation, develop my case, and worked with me to decide on a course of action. The positive end result he was able to achieve helped me get my life back on track. He took the initiative to go beyond my expectations and pursue a resolution for my case, while being understanding of my financial situation and working with me to ensure that I retained legal representation throughout my case, and I will never ever be able thank him enough for being there for me during the hardest, most trying time in my life !! If you're seeking legal help from someone who truly cares about the welfare of his clients and who always goes beyond the call of duty, call Ernie today!Mary Clare Tranum
    I highly recommend Mr. Bauer. He worked hard for me! I appreciate him greatly.Courtney Savoie
    Mr. Bauer always treated me with respect and compassion even when I didnt have it for myself. He will tell you like it is and I believe he truely cares about getting the best outcome for his clients. He is extremely fair and will work with you on payments, although his cost is more then reasonable. I will always recommend him to anyone.Marie Faucher
    Best lawyer in Louisiana. Caring, Professional, and who you need in your corner.Aaron Lindsey
    Mr. Bauer is fantastic! You seriously cannot find a better lawyer then him. He is honest and upfront with you about what will happen with your case. He puts his all into making sure you get the best possible outcome. He was a godsend to us, helping get my husband out of a serious bind.Kristina Nasca
    best lawyer in mandeville LouisianaLuke Fisher
    Ernie worked hard to find me Justice in my troubles with the law. He got me the best possible outcome from a terrible fiasco I found myself involved in. I will hire him again if needed in the future.Jordan Bennett
    I was dealing with some pretty heavy stuff legally when I reached out to Mr. Bauer. I was looking at doing serious jail time and leaving my family to struggle without me. After six months of anxiety and stress, I can say I was lucky and blessed to have him as my attorney. He fought hard for me and I walked out of court today a free man. The way I see it he saved my family years of hardship without me and gave me a second chance at life. Words can’t express the gratitude I feel toward Mr. Bauer and I hope one day to be in a position where I can give back to him as much as he has given us. I recommend him highly to anyone who is in a tough position and needs help like I did. Thank you Mr. Bauer 🙏Zombie Chris
    I have many friends that are lawyers but I hired Ernest because he is the best lawyer and is well respected in the community!Terry Tannehill
    I couldn't have had a better experience with Ernest. He did everything he said he would and performed incredibly. Highly recommended.Taylor Holder
    Mr. Bauer is a very good and honest lawyer. He took care of my case just as he said and the case was resolved better than expected. Thank you Mr. Bauer!ryanche4g
    Mr. Bauer was very pleasant to work with. He was AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, DILIGENT, PROFESSIONAL, and THOROUGH!!! We had an extremely hard case but he managed to do the impossible. He gave us the best outcome! Trust me, we were seeking several lawyers and he was the most upfront, affordable, and successful. You can’t beat that! He will give it to you how it is and won’t sugarcoat anything but he will always have the client’s best interest. Not only that, but he was very easy to communicate and reach when you needed him and will give you updates throughout the process. It doesn’t matter where you reside in the New Orleans area, he is the BEST lawyer around!!!!Kathy Nguyen
    If you’re looking for a lawyer who will fight your case the best he can, is a go getter in and out the court room, responds persistently with integrity and honesty, dresses sharp in the court room, not messy or sloppy, then you found the best I’ve ever seen inside the 22nd judicial court room. I’m humbled and thankful for, Ernie and all he’s done.Michael Lemonier
    Where should I start? Mr.Bauer was very personable, responded quickly, and with very knowledgeable information, and answers. Mr. Bauer was always honest with me about my case, and always steered me in the right directions. Mr. Bauer also fought tooth and nails for me and went over and beyond to help grant a judgement that’s fits. Mr. Ernest is by far the best lawyer on the Northshore. There should be a Six Star Rating!rico keller
    I wish I could give Mr. Bauer 6 stars if I could! He puts forth his whole HEART into his work. It's quite rare to find a highly reputable attorney who does not treat you as just another #. Ernie is extremely personable, professional, compassionate, intelligent and assiduous. I truly feel like Ernie made the absolute impossible, happen. I'll be eternally grateful to him for his absolute patience, empathy and dedication. Because of Mr. Bauers' successful efforts, I feel that a huge, 1000 lb. weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I just cry.... Expressing how huge of a relief his help has been. He went above and beyond for me. He is also very accommodating with the payment process. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!! Thank you so much Ernie! G-d bless you and your loved ones.Asma Esther Kiani
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