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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Covington

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Covington

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Were You Injured Seriously in a Motorcycle Accidents/Collisions? Contact Our Covington Law Firm Today

Accidents are EVERYWHERE, and Motorcycles are an inexpensive mode of transportation and a great way to enjoy the roads of Louisiana. But motorcycle accidents near you in Louisiana can result in severe injuries and even death and are all too common. The potential risk of personal severe bodily injury and death is more significant when a motorcyclist Does Not take the proper precautions to wear a helmet.

Regardless of the cause of your motorcycle accident, the Louisiana motorcycle accident attorneys at Ernest J Bauer Law Firm can provide you with representation so you can have peace of mind as we work to recover the due compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents near you Often Lead to Severe Injuries

Motorcycles on the roads can be hazardous vehicles in Louisiana, and crashes often lead to catastrophic injuries on the streets. It is estimated that motorcyclists are up to 34 times more likely to die in a fatal personal injury-related road motorcycle accident. This likelihood increases when a motorcyclist fails to follow relevant traffic rules or doesn’t wear a helmet.

A-List of some of the non-fatal injuries from a motorcycle accident include:

Spinal cord and neck injuries
Severe lacerations and cuts
Traumatic brain injuries
Internal organ damage
Foot and leg fractures
Broken bones

Motorcycle Accidents FAQ & What to Do If You Are Injured

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by situations and a broad range of issues that take place on the roads, including:

■ Drunk Dangerous and negligent driving of automobilists and motorcyclists
■ Car Defects and other problems with other automobiles on the road
■ Weather conditions
■ Road conditions
■ Motorcycle defects

A motorcycle accident in Louisiana can be a terrifying and jarring experience. However, immediately following your accident, certain things can be done that could significantly increases your potential to recover financial compensation from the party at fault.

In addition to some of the basics covered in our Auto Accident FAQ, these best practices include:

■ Calling the COPS as soon as possible so that a police report can be entered and later used in your legal dispute
■ Immediately seeking medical help
■ Collecting the name, phone numbers, and addresses of the other party involved in the motorcycle collision accident Covington, as well as the contact information of all Eyewitnesses to the accident
■ Taking photographs of the scene of the accident, the damage to your vehicle or motorcycle, and your injuries
■ Contacting Ernest J Bauer Law Firm immediately for help

Contact Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Today

At Ernest J Bauer’s Law Firm, our Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyer in Covington has 20 years of law practice experience. We can successfully litigate motorcycle accident claims. If you have been injured in a Covington motorcycle crash, we can help.

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