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If you have been charged with a crime in Louisiana, you are probably scared and don’t know what to do next. At The Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer, Jr., I recognize this and will do everything I can to give you peace of mind and build an attorney-client relationship founded on trust and respect.


You need honest answers from a lawyer who will talk to you like an adult and not judge you. I do everything I can to answer your questions quickly, and I will meet with you at your home, jail, or any other convenient location without delay when necessary. I will give you an honest, straightforward assessment of your case, including the likelihood of success if a trial becomes necessary.


I have helped many people who are in the same legal situation as you. When I became a lawyer in 2001, I swore an oath that I would provide the best representation possible for my clients. When we meet to discuss your case, I think you will notice something different about me. I won’t talk down to you. I won’t judge you or the crime you are charged with. You are a human being that deserves respect and the best possible representation I can give you. For criminal matters, I never forget that this is still America and that you are considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


I will never make a promise that I know I can’t keep. But I will promise to provide you with the most aggressive, skillful, and effective representation I can possibly give. In criminal cases, this may mean that your charges will be dismissed or that I can keep you out of jail, or that you face only the very minimum amount of possible jail time. In a family law case, it means that you will always have your side of the story told when figuring out a fair way to divide assets and share custody.


You don’t have to settle for a lawyer who forgets your name and treats you like a case number. I will work directly with you throughout your case. Contact me at 504-610-5645 and I will come and meet with you in your home, at the jail where you are confined, or any place that is most convenient for you or your family. SE HABLA ESPAÑOL.

Call us today For a free initial phone consultation with an experienced Louisiana attorney, call me today at 504-610-5645, or fill out the contact form. I return all messages promptly.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Animal & Dog Bites, Brain Injury, Car Accidents, Construction Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Premises Liability, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death

Criminal Law

Criminal Appeals, Drug Crimes, Expungement, Fraud, Gun Crimes, Internet Crimes, Sex Crimes, Theft, Violent Crimes

Family Law

Adoption, Child Custody, Child Support, Father’s Rights, Guardianship & Conservatorship, Paternity, Prenups & Marital Agreements, Restraining Orders, Same-Sex Family Law


Collaborative Law, Contested Divorce, Military Divorce, Property Division, Same-Sex Divorce, Spousal Support & Alimony, Uncontested Divorce

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence, Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Victims Rights


Legal Malpractice

Traffic Tickets

Suspended License

Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury, Medical Misdiagnosis, Pharmacy Errors, Surgical Errors

Nursing Home Abuse

Insurance Claims

Bad Faith Insurance, Business Insurance, Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Property Insurance


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Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in the defense of people and businesses charged with illegal activity. While some criminal defense lawyers can be retained privately, criminal courts may employ others to represent indigent people. These are commonly called public Defenders. It isn’t easy to define the terminology because each jurisdiction has different practices and may use various input levels from federal or state law. Some jurisdictions use a rotating system of appointments, and judges appoint a private attorney or firm to handle each case.

Criminal defense lawyers are responsible for handling an arrest, a criminal investigation, and criminal charges. They also deal with appeals, sentencing, sentence, and other post-trial issues. An attorney may specialize in one area of criminal defense. For example, they might handle drug defense or DUI defense cases.

An arrest is when a judge, federal agent, or police officer believes that probable cause exists for a person to have committed a crime. An arrest is typically made by law enforcement. This is often for a crime that an attorney has not yet proven or assessed. Criminal defense lawyers also deal with the substantive issues surrounding the charges against their clients. If someone believes that they may be being investigated, criminal defense lawyers can help them.

An accused can hire a criminal defense attorney to provide counsel and representation dealing with police and other investigators. They may also present evidence that could negate potential charges. The United States has many types of criminal defense lawyers, and they are employed by government entities like counties and state governments. Sometimes, they are called public Defenders or court-appointed counsel.

This work largely depends on the US criminal defense lawyer having a good understanding of the United States Constitution. The Fourth Amendment is specifically against unlawful searches or seizures. The Fifth provides a defendant’s right not to speak. [3][4] The Sixth refers to defendants’ rights during trial. The Sixth Amendment gives defendants the right to question and cross-examine witnesses. A defendant can also know the nature of the accusation against him. The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees that all of the Amendments to America’s Constitution are available to criminals who are accused of crimes against the state.

Most criminal defense lawyers represent people facing misdemeanor and felony charges. A Misdemeanor is generally a crime that can be punished by less than one year in the local jail, and a felon is a crime that can be punished by more than one year in prison. Wobblers are criminal activities charged as a felony but can be reduced to a misdemeanor in some states. A reputable lawyer can often reduce a felony to a minor offense or make the felony look like a minor offense so that it can be reduced to an infraction later. This strategy is possible since a felony cannot be expunged.

A criminal defense lawyer must be familiar with each of these rights. The initial work in any criminal case includes reviewing the allegations and facts and analyzing the primary burden of the prosecution, defenses, and affirmative defenses—also, potential sentence and sentencing issues. A grand jury and preliminary hearing may be required in the early stages of a criminal case to determine whether there is probable cause to proceed. Inadmissibility of evidence at trial could be caused by a violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments or illegally obtained evidence. A criminal defense lawyer will often spend a lot of time looking through all documentation to determine whether the case can be won because of illegal government conduct.

A large part of a criminal defense lawyer’s work is devoted to preparation for trial if there are no constitutional violations. A settlement agreement should be compared with the best judgment about the outcome of the trial. As an alternative to the defendant’s trial rights and other rights, a criminal defense lawyer will often discuss possible plea deals with his or her prosecuting attorney. When plea agreements are made, they can be described as either charge agreements (often involving less severe charges), sentencing agreements, or both.

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For a free initial phone consultation with an experienced Louisiana attorney, call me today at 504-610-5645, or fill out the contact form. I return all messages promptly.


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