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Were you injured & Hurt in a bicycle accident in Louisiana? Are you trying to pay your medical bills and other costs associated with your injury? In beautiful Louisiana, bicycles are a fun and healthy alternative to motor vehicles, cars, trucks, etc., for transportation in Covington and leisure. However, a bicycle accident can still result in MAJOR spinal and other personal bodily injuries and damages if you’re wearing a helmet.

It is in your best interests, Because of this, to retain a top Covington bicycle accident attorney in Louisiana to help you recover all of the damages and compensation that you are entitled to. Therefore, make the prudent decision and contact Ernest J Bauer Law Firm for the legal representation you deserve.

Louisiana Bike- Laws

Every year, in America, thousands of Bike cyclists are injured on the road. Unfortunately, some of these injuries are very serious and can result in permanent damage, disfigurement, and even death. As a result, Louisiana has regulations governing the rules for those injured in bicycle accidents of relief available.

Under Code 56-5-3410 through 3500, bicycle laws in Louisiana include the following:

◾ Bicycle riders in Louisiana’s state must use the bicycle lanes when provided
◾ If there are no bicycle lanes, Bicyclists should ride nearest to the right side of the roadway
◾ More than two riders should not ride side by side at any one time, unless on specific paths or trails
◾ Bicyclists in Louisiana’s state should use appropriate bicycle hand signals at all times to indicate stops and turns
◾ Bicyclists are not allowed to carry packages, preventing them from keeping both of their hands on the wheel
◾ When riding a bike at night, bicycles should be equipped with headlamps, reflector lights and
◾ All bicycles on the road should have working brakes

Recommended Protection Steps for Bicycle Safety

To prevent injuries and ensure their safety and on Louisiana roadways, the Health and Environmental Control recommends the following:

■ Wear a helmet can save your life by protecting your head and brain from bicycle injuries
■ Wear bright-colored clothes so other drivers can see your visible
■ When exiting near a driveway or at intersections, stop, look left, right, then went again before pulling out
■ Before riding, be sure your tires are properly inflated and that your brakes are in good working order.

Of course, never operate a bike when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. By being alert, knowing the laws regarding cyclists, and taking protective measures, you can ensure your bike ride will be a safe one.


Providing Legal Representation for Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents in Louisiana can cause significant disruptions in the lives of both the injured party and drivers. At The Ernest J Bauer Law Firm, the Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys work hard to provide fair and effective legal representation in Louisiana for those injured in bicycle accidents.

We provide attorney legal representation for Bicyclists in Louisiana’s who have suffered all injury types, such as:

Traumatic brain injuries
Spinal cord injuries
Broken bones and fractures
Soft tissue damage


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If you were involved in a Covington bicycle accident, you should call a lawyer, stay calm, pick up the phone, and contact Ernest J Bauer Law Firm immediately. We are ready and willing to do a free case review, and our lawyer is prepared to begin working directly with you right away.

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