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Motor Vehicle Accidents Questions And Answers

An accident Questions And Answers About Motor Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle collision causing car accidents on Louisiana streets can change your world in a mere instant. If the other driver was drunk, texting, or otherwise has been careless; then you have the right to pursue monetary reimbursement for damages. Our Covington lawyer near you will study the details of the case, and you’ll get A trustworthy lawyer in Covington, LA, who strives for your best, most favorable financial payout outcome.

The worth or value amount of a personal injury accident claim is variable. It can consist of huge expenses for medical, rehabilitation, personal damage values, lost salary, and, if applicable, a wrongful death claim. An experienced and educated Covington car incident attorney can look into the details and advocate on your behalf. If needed, we can secure adjusters and financial professionals to estimate total damages and what we can pursue in a court of law.


Representing clients with claims seeking reimbursement for:

Medical bills
Rehabilitation expenses
Lost salaries if you Can’t operate
Pain and suffering
Punitive damages


Home (car) replacement damage

An at-fault party might be asked to pay you some or all of these types of damages, depending upon your circumstances.


Should I take the insurance company’s 1st settlement case offer?

No. And It’s Advised to never accept an offer without discussing your case with an experienced Motor Vehicle attorney. We’re highly proficient and experienced in negotiating out of court. However, we are always ready to go to trial to strive for your best results. Remember: it’s the insurance company’s goal to try to settle quickly and to get a small amount as you can. Having an assertive motor vehicle lawyer on your side can assist you through the procedure to pursue rightful damages.


Louisiana is an “at-fault” Motor Vehicle accident state. What does that mean?

“At-fault” means that the driver responsible for causing the vehicles to crash is responsible for injury incurred due to this accident. The at-fault person’s auto insurance carrier will be liable for the losses due to the policy’s limitations for damages such as car replacement, lost salary, injuries/medical costs, and possibly other damages.

Injured In Or the Cause Of A Collision?

Our Covington motor vehicle accident lawyers are prepared to evaluate your case situation today. Please 504-610-5645 Call Us For Free Consultation to make an appointment at the Covington office location of The Law Firm of Ernest J Bauer to send in this quick email request form.

No one ever thinks a car crash with injuries will happen to them. However, understanding laws and what to do after a car motor vehicle accident in Covington, LA can make a bigger difference for your health and well-being. Our car accident lawyers in Covington, LA, have decades of experience advocating for the injured. We understand how catastrophic a car accident could be. If everything seems to have gone wrong, let our compassionate guidance and best tips facilitate your mind. Do not talk with any auto insurance firms until you speak to an auto crash attorney.

Being involved in a car collision is terrifying. You probably will not know what to do in the moments that follow. BELOW is a list of ideas as the best things you can do right away following a car accident:

Call 911 and get a copy of the police report. Then, call an ambulance and visit a physician even if you do not feel pain, as injuries can grow over time. Take photographs using your cell phone at the car crash scene if you’re able. Preserve any evidence from the scene (our comprehensive automobile incident lawyer pays attention to details and may uncover evidence others may miss).


Do not take a “deal” or offer; seek our advice first, as insurance companies will often pay more.

Car insurance firms typically have large groups of lawyers and claims adjusters whose objective is to pay out the most minimal amount. Don’t agree to anything until you seek counsel from an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney. It would help if you had a compassionate yet fierce lawyer who will try for the compensation you would like to help cover medical and other expenses. Possibly for years to come.


Talk With Our Car Crash Attorney Right Away

Our goal is to assist you now and in the future after an accident. Discover how we can aid your motor vehicle accident case. Call or ask for a consultation at either our Covington or Metairie office with this handy email request.

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