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An Attorney Who Will Make A Difference In Your Case

Extensive Litigation Experience
Our law firm’s lawyer Ernest J Bauer is based in Covington, Louisiana, and we have a vast amount of experience in the courtroom. Our Covington lawyers can help you handle a wide range of personal injury cases in Covington on both sides of the Law. However, being an experienced Covington trial attorney also means knowing when to settle a Louisiana personal injury case before it reaches the courthouse. A hallmark of our law firm in Covington has provided our clients with an educated assessment of their injury case and a recommendation as A car accident lawyer to settle a claim or proceed to trial.

The Ernest J Bauer Law Firm is based in Covington, Louisiana, and Ernest is an aggressive lawyer and an experienced attorney with an expert paralegal who “understands it.”

Our Attorney Ernest J Bauer ALSO understands his Client’s needs & He will respond to that need as if the matter were our own. But what sets our Covington law firm near you apart from the other lawyers in Louisiana is that we know both sides of the Law and case — and it’s why we win. We represent personal injury victims. Our track record of our clients, both plaintiffs, and defendants, is what you want for the best lawyers on your side IF YOU go to court. Knowing both sides of the Law’s case — it’s why we WIN.

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys Working Specifically For You

MANY Louisiana personal injury lawyers who advertise on TV claim fast settlements for parties hurt in auto accidents and other incidents. Immediate reimbursement could be enticing if you’ve been severely injured, and you are facing down a mountain of medical bills and additional costs. But a lawyer who promises you quick compensation could be considering her or his interests over yours.

We concentrate on regaining the entire amount an injured party deserves instead of claiming reimbursement in a particular timeframe. We all understand and know from experience that it takes some time to assess many personal injury cases correctly. Therefore, we obtain comprehensive medical information concerning the extent of your injuries to value the instance accurately.

We could represent injured parties and insurance companies named as defendants in all Kinds of Automobile accidents, such as:

Automobile crashes
Truck accident injuries
Bicyclist and pedestrian injuries
We Know The Way To Value Injury Cases

Whether you’re an injured plaintiff or an insurance provider, self-insured or company named as a defendant in a Louisiana personal injury case, it’s essential to get legal counsel that’s ready to litigate whether a reasonable settlement can’t be achieved. Our lawyers have tried cases over. It’s highly unusual to observe precisely the very same attorneys who advertise on TV in some of these courtrooms.

Early investigation and also the retention of a lawyer to protect your interests are essential. That’s the reason why if you’re hurt in an accident, or you’re a trucking company whose driver was involved in a crash, it’s crucial to think about contacting the legal staff at The Law Offices of Ernest J Bauer at the start.

Our law firm is not the biggest in Louisiana — not even close. But we’ve successfully represented clients in many instances where the stakes have been HIGH, involving the possibility of tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands on the line. When that type of MONEY is at stake, clients turn to The Law Offices of Ernest J Bauer again and again.

Experienced Litigators Assisting Clients Statewide

The Law Firm of Ernest J Bauer offers expertise, knowledge of the Law, and ability as lawyer-litigators to clients across Covington, Louisiana state. Our injury clients entrust us with their claims and litigated cases from Covington to New Orleans. Opposing counsel and Judges throughout the state are acquainted with our reputation. They know that our staff and lawyers will be well-prepared to take care of cases in the highest ethical and professional manner. This Isn’t to say We litigate needlessly. On the contrary, we always Stay mindful of our Client’s best interests and strive to solve cases as efficiently as possible.

Helping You by Understanding All Aspects Of Personal Injury Cases

We represent defendants and plaintiffs in Covington personal injury cases. Our extensive years of hands-on law experience practicing both sides of these types of lawsuits in Louisiana allow our attorneys near you in Louisiana to anticipate AND effectively oppose counsel’s legal strategies. From our office in Covington, we can represent injured people throughout the entire state of Louisiana on a contingency fee basis. If YOU were hurt or a family member has been seriously injured from a personal injury accident in Louisiana caused by another person’s negligence, contact us today!

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