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Juvenile Crimes

Although juvenile offenses are handled in juvenile court, they are taken just as seriously as crimes committed by adults. If your child has been arrested for theft, marijuana possession or other crime in Louisiana, it is to your advantage to consult an experienced defense attorney right away.

At the Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer Jr., I am proud to say that I focus my practice on criminal defense. I have extensive experience representing both adults and juveniles. I provide aggressive and effective legal counsel to protect my client's future.

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I Know the Juvenile Court System

People facing criminal charges in juvenile court are not entitled to a jury trial. Rather, a judge hears arguments and renders a decision on the matter. Cases move very quickly from arraignment to trial; therefore, it is important to consult a skilled lawyer right away.

When a juvenile crime, such as shoplifting or drug possession, is committed, it is often the offender's first encounter with the law. There are two potential routes that may ensue. The youthful offender may continue down the path of juvenile crime into a life of adult crime - or, they may straighten out and have a productive and profitable future. I strive to get clients rehabilitated so that their futures are protected.

Juvenile Diversion Programs - Alternatives to Conviction

I use my experience, knowledge of the law and understanding of the juvenile court system to help clients pursue rehabilitative measures rather than punitive measures. I firmly believe that most youthful offenders are best served by alternatives to jail or prison. By promptly talking with the prosecutor, I strive to get the charges reduced or dismissed by agreeing to some form of rehabilitative diversion program, such as community service or a probationary period with continuous drug and alcohol testing. At the successful conclusion of the diversion program (generally 6 months), the charges are dropped. As a result, the criminal record is kept clean which enables the child to live his or her life without an outdated juvenile crime charge to hold them back.

Fighting to Protect Youthful Offenders

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