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Domestic Violence lawyers Covington LA

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Domestic violence is a huge problem in our society. Millions of women and men are seriously injured or killed because of spousal abuse every year. Make no mistake. Domestic violence is a very serious charge with serious penalties. If you have been convicted of domestic physical abuse or violence within the past ten years, you can face mandatory jail time for new offenses. If you have had three or more convictions for domestic assault, you could face up to thirty years in jail.

Louisiana defines domestic violence. Louisiana is unique in its definition of domestic violence. According to state law, domestic violence can only be committed by one household member against another. Call 504-610-5645.

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In Louisiana, the legal definition of a household member is:

  1. One of the two sexes who live with the defendant as a spouse.
  2. One of the two sexes has lived together as a spouse for the past five years.
  3. A child who has lived or is currently living with the defendant in the past five years.
  4. No matter where the child lives or has lived, a child of the defendant is considered their child.

Domestic violence crimes in Covington can’t occur between the same gender, no matter what the circumstances. Domestic violence will not apply to a man hitting a man who lives in his home or a woman harming a woman who lives in her home. Instead, assault and battery would be the most likely charge. A marriage doesn’t need to occur between the victim and the defendant. Domestic violence in Covington can be considered if there was a pretense that they were husband or wife.

Penalties in Domestic Violence Cases

Although domestic violence can be considered family court, it is still a crime leading to conviction and sentencing. Like other violent crimes, domestic violence charges can arise based on the extent of physical damage caused, the victim’s age, and your intent at the time of the alleged attack. You may be sent to jail for months or longer or ordered to pay a high state fine.

Final protective orders (FPO) are an outstanding result of domestic violence convictions. Final protective orders (FPO) can be obtained against you if you are convicted for harming the spouse or household member of the other sex. An FPO can prevent you from going into certain areas or seeing certain people, including the victim and your children. It also prohibits you from possessing certain weapons. Even if you are not aware of it, a violation of a protective order can result in six months imprisonment and a $500 penalty.

If you have been arrested for domestic abuse, it is critical to hire an attorney who understands how serious your case is. At the Law Office of Ernest J. Bauer Jr., I fight to protect my client’s rights, now and into the future. For help in the St. Tammany Parish or surrounding Parishes, contact me right away.


  1. First Offense Domestic Violence (misdemeanor) – up to six months jail
  2. Second Offense within ten years (felony) – up to one year in jail
  3. Third Offense within ten years (felony) – up to five years prison
  4. Fourth Offense within ten years (felony) – up to thirty years prison

Most convictions for domestic violence or domestic assault will also result in a protective order being filed. While a restraining order is generally only issued for 10 days when the charges are filed, a protective order can last for up to 18 months. This can truly hinder your relationship with your spouse and children. Let me use my experience to fight to protect you from such drastic measures.


As a criminal defense lawyer, my job is to do everything possible to help people charged with domestic violence protect their rights. I provide the vigorous and effective legal defense they are entitled to. Whenever possible, I will strive to have your case thrown out for lack of evidence. If your case cannot be dismissed, I will do everything I can to have your charges reduced to a non-violent crime or have the possible penalties decreased.

When a trial is necessary to prove your innocence, I use my trial experience to fight for your acquittal. When a conviction is unavoidable, I work to find alternatives to jail or prison. In many cases, there may be domestic violence counseling programs that are available, instead of jail time.

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Covington is a city in, and the parish seat of, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, United States. The population was 11,564 at the 2020 United States census. It is located at a fork of the Bogue Falaya and the Tchefuncte River. Covington is part of the New Orleans–Metairie–Kenner metropolitan statistical area. Wikipedia


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