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Covington Juvenile Crime Lawyer


It can be very distressing to hear that your child was arrested. It can be frightening to think your child could lose their freedom and become a criminal. It doesn’t have them too. The juvenile court’s goal is to rehabilitate, not punish, minors. Our Covington juvenile crime defense lawyer, Ernest J Bauer Jr Law Office LLC, will guide you through every step of the juvenile justice process. We can help navigate the courts and advocate on your behalf. We will help you get your child on the right track. Contact us 24/7. Discuss your child’s arrest with our law firm.

Proper representation is the first step in protecting your child’s future. Every case is different and requires legal skills, experience, and knowledge. Ernest J Bauer Jr Law Office LLC combines legal expertise and aggressive advocacy to provide you with proven counsel from the beginning to the end. You can trust a team with an excellent reputation for achieving effective results in juvenile defense cases.

Call us if your child was arrested for the following or any other crime:

1) Assault/battery
2) Shoplifting
3) Vandalism
4) Possession or sale of drugs
5) DWI underage
6) Underage drinking
7) Sexual assault
8) Weapon possession
9) Violent crimes

We push for alternatives to incarceration that may include:

1) Service to the community
2) Probation
3) Counseling
4) Rehabilitation
5) Other treatments

Fight to Keep Your Child out of jail

Our goal is to keep your child out of jail by finding solutions. We believe youth should receive the best treatment and not be kept in prison. Our criminal defense attorneys work hard to advocate meaningful treatment options for your child so that they can thrive in the future.

For assistance, call us 24/7 | Call (504) 610-5645.

Why should you hire our criminal defense firm?

  1. Award-Winning Advocacy
  2. We have been recognized for our client service and courtroom representation.
  3. A tough, aggressive defense
  4. We fight for justice in every case. You can rely on our battle-tested defender when facing a criminal justice system against you.
  5. Proven Results
  6. We are known for our passion and fight. Every time we win a case dismissal or a reduction in client charges, we have proven that we can do it again.
  7. 24 Hours Availability
  8. Call us 24/7 to get a criminal defense attorney in Covington. We offer free consultations and all legal advice.


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