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Contrary to popular belief, the system was not created to protect innocent people but to convict them. You are free to keep silent until you speak with an attorney. Any information you give authorities can be and will be used against you without regard for your innocence. Many people plead guilty to a criminal offense out of intimidation or ignorance of their rights. Ernest J Bauer’s team can help.

We represent people clients in all levels of state and federal courts. Our goal is to help you avoid or reduce the harsh penalties that come with a criminal conviction. Our law office has dealt with many types of criminal cases, including drug trafficking and bench warrants. We inform you about all options before you go to court. Call us today if you are being accused of a crime to receive the representation that you deserve.

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DWI is the most severe traffic offense you can face. Louisiana has a DWI limit.08g alcohol per breath or blood sample (BAC). Even a first DUI offense can result in severe penalties that could affect your driving privileges and even endanger your driving privileges.

Traffic tickets

Do not try to beat LA Traffic Court by yourself. An attorney in Covington can help keep your ticket off your record and avoid paying high insurance rates. We can usually dismiss or amend most traffic tickets without you having to appear in court.

Bench warrants

A traffic stop is usually the first place you notice that you have a bench order. If you are not taken to jail by the officer at the ending, get in touch with an attorney immediately to have the warrant recalled. This is often possible with very few court appearances.

Narcotics and drugs

Reasonable people can be impacted for life by a drug conviction. Even minor drug convictions can have severe consequences. Law enforcement could consider exotic smoking pipes or scales drug-related.

Driving under Suspension

Driving Under Suspension is often a double charge. You have to deal both with the original policeman’s stop and the DUS. In addition to the original reason for your license being suspended, this charge can result in a one-year suspension and several hundred dollars in fines. A Covington lawyer can often negotiate to dismiss the charges or prevent the mandatory one-year Suspension.

Hit and Run

A hit-and-run charge can result in your license being revoked and you spending up to six months in prison. This type of charge is often a result of a traffic accident not reported at the scene or one party leaving. In general, there are several court appearances. A reasonable defense attorney can help you avoid paying high fines or lengthy jail sentences.

Sex Crimes

It is easy to make things worse by using texting, social media, and dating apps. Our team has extensive experience handling cases involving sex crimes, including sexual misconduct and statutory allegations. An experienced Covington defense Covington lawyer can help you if you are arrested or accused of a sex-related offense, even if the victim lied about their age.

White Collar Crimes/Embezzlement

Too often, good citizens often make poor decisions because of financial and social pressures—individuals who have been accused of embezzlement or are facing criminal charges. We can help you fight both state and federal charges against you. Our criminal defense Covington lawyers are experts in this process and can help avoid harsh sentences or penalties.


With all criminal charges, time is critical. You need to hire a Super top affordable lawyer as soon as possible. The average public defender in Louisiana is responsible for managing 150 cases and perhaps twice as many inactive. Our caseload is small so that we can focus on each client’s unique circumstances and needs. A caseload that is too large will not affect your freedom or future.


Do you face felony drug charges such as drug trafficking, manufacturing, possession, or intent to distribute or possession of certain drugs like crack, cocaine, or heroin?

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You can clear a criminal conviction from your records in one of two ways:

■ It is common to get into the diversion program without a plea or conviction. We have successfully negotiated entry to the pre-trial diversion programs for many first-time offenders, especially those who are facing theft and marijuana charges. All charges will be dropped once the program has been completed successfully.

■ You can request an expungement of the conviction. Although this is more difficult, there are some circumstances in which the court may consider it. We have successfully petitioned the court for expungement. We will assist you in assessing your situation and walking you through the process.


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