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Covington Assault & Battery Lawyer


Do you need serious defense after an assault or battery charge? If you’re facing serious charges, it is important to take immediate action and prepare for the next step. You need to defend yourself against assault and battery charges for domestic violence or any other violent crime. Our law firm in Covington, LA is here to help you every step of the way. Call us anytime, any day to get started.

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Battery vs. Assault

Battery and assault are two separate criminal acts that can be combined into one charge. Assault and battery crimes can be defined as the act of threatening or physically harming someone. It is usually backed up by sufficient intimidation to make the victim believe that the threat is real. Battery crimes refer to the act of physically harming another person with malicious intent. Because it is rare for an assault to occur without battery or assault, battery and assault are often combined. People who threaten others violently usually respond with their intent to execute their threat. However, people rarely attack others without warning or purpose, so the battery is seldom charged by itself.

The factors that will determine the sentencing are:

1) Age, health, and status of victim
2) The attacking weapons
3) The extent of the injury
4) Potential injuries that could be inflicted

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Learn the Penalties and Fight for them

Battery and assault charges can vary in severity depending on the case. Sentences for assault and battery charges can also differ. Even if you are only facing simple assault or battery charges, a conviction can result in more time in prison, a $1,000 fine, and restitution to the victim. As the charges rise, penalties will get worse. A conviction for felony assault or battery will result in at least one year in prison.

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