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Violent Crime Lawyer Covington, LA

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Violent Crime Lawyer Covington, LA


Your first consultation is free. Our team is unsurprising. Our lawyer near me has a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and is always ahead of the prosecutors. Your future is in the hands of a team that excels at legal excellence and provides cutting-edge defenses. We build cases by looking at all aspects of the situation and evidence, from analyzing police reports to working with forensic specialists to reviewing witness statements to uncover flaws in the prosecution’s case.

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We are happy to talk with you about your case and discuss your options. Our firm has a Covington, LA criminal defense attorney who can help you with your case. A conviction for a violent crime can profoundly impact your life. These crimes can result in lengthy prison sentences, fines, restitution, and a criminal record, making it difficult to find work and housing. Your entire future is at risk, and you need a team that will fight for your rights.

A wide range of violent offenses can be protected with proven defense.

Our experience includes a Covington, LA lawyer defending clients against a wide range of violent offenses and serious violent felonies. We strive to win every time at The Law Office of Ernest Bauer JR LLC. Our Covington, LA criminal defense attorneys work hard, from when you are arrested until the day you go to trial. No matter your case, we will put 110% effort into getting you the best outcome. We believe that it is essential to ensure that your voice is heard and that you are treated equally by the St Tammy criminal justice system.

We can represent any case involving violent crime, including but not limited:

1) Aggravated assault/battery
2) Homicide/murder
3) Domestic violence
4) Sex crimes, including rape, sexual battery, kidnapping, etc.
5) Armed Robbery and Aggravated Burglary
6) Carjacking
7) Disarming peace officers
8) Arson aggravated
9) Manslaughter
10) Kidnapping


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