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First offense Penalty for DWI in Louisiana?

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First offense Penalty for DWI in Louisiana?

First offense Penalty for DWI in Louisiana?

You may be curious about the penalties if you are arrested for DWI. If you are convicted, I will detail the judge’s conditions. Louisiana’s legislature passed a law that required judges to order the following requirements for probation. This law does not apply to all defendants in the same manner. DWI cases do not work like speeding tickets, where you call the court to ask how much to be paid. The judge can change the terms of your probation or put you in jail for up to six months if he doesn’t like the case. You don’t have to plead guilty immediately after being arrested for DWI. You may have other options.

Louisiana Penalty for DWI First Offense

Penalties for DWI offenses that are first-offense

  1. Fine: $300-1000
  2. License suspended for 1 Year by the DMV.
  3. Jail The time limit is between 10 and 6 months. A judge can suspend jail time and place the defendant on probation. He may also order that the defendant complete the following:
    He will spend 48 hours in prison if he does not perform 32 hours of community work, 16 of which must be litter removal. a) Program for substance abuse | b) Driver Improvement Program | c) A judge could direct that the defendant install an interlock device.
  4. The court must sentence the defendant for 48 hours if the defendant blows .15-.199.
  5. If the defendant blows. 20 and higher The court will order the defendant to spend 48 hours in prison, and the penalty is $750-1000
  6. The ignition interlock will also be required for two years by the defendant. A DWI conviction can be punished by litter detail.

Other conditions possible

These DWI penalties are not the only conditions for Louisiana probation. The judge can order additional penalties at his discretion. The judge may require you to attend a MADD victim panel, do another community service, or serve extra time in jail. He also could order that you pay restitution, court costs, supervision fees, or pay court costs. Judges can be pretty creative with their requirements. They may even request that defendants write letters of apology and speak to children at local schools about their experiences in the criminal justice process.

Attorney for First-Offense DWI

You may be nervous and unsure of what to do if this is your first arrest in Louisiana. I have represented clients in Louisiana charged with DWI for many years. My experience will help you navigate this DWI arrest and protect your record. You might wonder whether you will end up in jail or lose your driver’s license. You may be wondering what the DWI will cost. These questions can be answered by me, which will help ease your mind and allow you to sleep. Contact me at 504-610-5645 for more information.

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