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Covington Felony Defense Lawyer

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Covington Felony Defense Lawyer


It is important to consult a criminal defense attorney early in a case. We may be able if the investigation fails to produce solid evidence of the case, to dismiss it before any formal proceedings are filed. Our team is ready to put in the extra effort to review evidence, examine police reports, work with forensic experts, analyze witness testimony, and much more. Because we have been through the criminal justice system many times, we know what to expect. This allows us to plan accordingly. We can help you fight for a reduced charge to a misdemeanor, or even take your case to trial to protect your rights.

In Louisiana, are felonies.

  1. Sexual assault
  2. Sexual battery
  3. Violent crimes
  4. Armed robbery
  5. Rape with aggravation
  6. Felony drug offenses
  7. Police officer battery
  8. Murder/manslaughter
  9. Grave assault with a firearm
  10. Certain offenses

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Your Rights Are at Risk

Convicted felons can be subject to severe legal penalties, such as fines and jail time. Convicted felons cannot vote or apply for any professional licenses and are forbidden from owning firearms.

Felony offenses can be punished by at least one-year imprisonment. They are among the most serious crimes. Consult a criminal defense lawyer in Covington immediately if you are under investigation or arrested for a felony offense. An experienced Covington felony defense lawyer is available to help you fight for the best outcome. Ernest J Bauer Jr Law Office LLC will help you navigate the maze of justice and ensure that you are treated with respect and fairness.

A felony conviction can be a problem in many areas of your life, including when you apply for work, search for housing, or your personal life. Although some felonies in Louisiana are eligible for expungement, and others allow for probation to be granted, it is best to consult an experienced criminal lawyer to minimize the damage to your life.

You have the advantage of the experience

Each case is handled by a formidable legal team that combines legal knowledge, experience, and insight. We are familiar with the criminal process and have dealt with a wide range of felonies. We don’t surprise you. We are experts in how to approach cases and what to avoid. We are experts in asking the right questions, how to investigate a case, and how best to examine evidence from every angle. Our Covington criminal defense lawyers have a great reputation with judges and prosecutors. This often results in better outcomes for our clients. This advantage is available to our clients.


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